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Axial fans

ebm-papst’s axial fans prove their reputation as space-saving wonders by moving air for hot or cold air exchange in a wide variety of devices and systems. The outstanding features of axial fans are their small installation depth, low noise level, and exceptional efficiency, and are particularly well suited for air flow through heat exchangers. Furthermore, with GreenTech EC technology, the axial fan becomes an intelligent energy saver for an extremely wide range of applications.

The axial fan, the function of which is similar to a propeller, moves the air axially, parallel to the revolving motor shaft. The ebm-papst external rotor motor is integrated directly into the axial impeller, forming a compact axial fan unit. Moreover, using GreenTech EC motors also enables precision control of the air flow – they are available with tacho output, linear or PWM input, bus-connectable interfaces and many other features. They are usually installed with wall rings in short or long bell mouths.

  • Compact dimensions
  • Available in GreenTech EC technology or AC technology
  • Wide selection of models, dimensions and air performance levels
  • Optimum efficiency and noise level due to well-engineered aerodynamic design of the fan blades
  • High-efficiency, energy-saving designs in GreenTech EC technology with standardised integration of control functions and sensor signals
  • Wide range of accessories, including guard grilles, basket guard grilles and wall rings
  • The axial fan is dynamically balanced in two planes to DIN ISO 1940
  • Numerous approvals, including VDE, UL, CSA, CE and GOST
  • Applications: Ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration technology, automotive industry, wind power and mechanical engineering/finishing equipment industry


ebm-papst axial fan range

  • AxiBlade axial fans

    The unique modular concept of the new AxiBlae guarantees the optimum at each operating point - with system efficiency improvements of up to 54% and noise emission reductions of up to 8 dB (A)
  • EC medium pressure axial fans

    Not just their size makes EC medium pressure fans from ebm-papst impressive, their performance does as well.
  • AxiCool

    AxiCool fans for evaporators and cooling units - A breath of fresh air in refrigeration technology.
  • Unit cooler axial fans

    Energy-saving GreenTech EC fans for small unit coolers.
  • Energy-saving fans

    nergy-saving fans based on the energy-saving motor (ESM) are in demand for many applications today.
  • iQ/iQ² motor

    Energy-saving motors for 1 to 1 replacement: iQ/iQ²

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