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Versatile and energy-efficient

Modern gas- or oil-fired modulated condensing units have to be supplied with the optimum amount and mix of air and fuel in all operating modes and ambient conditions, which calls for adjustable blowers with a steep pressure-air flow characteristic curve and a high pressure maximum.

ebm-papst played a vital role in the development of suitable EC blowers and now offers the broadest range of products for this purpose. However, the special features of these blowers also make them suitable for many other applications. Examples include gas-powered stoves for the food service industry or gas-powered deep fryers for commercial use.

Unique range of high-efficiency EC centrifugal blowers

Our comprehensive product portfolio includes blowers for heating outputs from 2 kW to 2 MW. The summary shows the available blower types and the range of uses we recommend for them. Please note that the heating output actually reached by the finished product depends on various factors. The gas type, burner and heat exchanger are only a few of the components that are responsible reaching a certain output.