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Specialist products from the specialists in state-of-the-art heating engineering

For wood pellet heating systems and wood chip ovens, the challenge lies in providing the required air flows quietly and economically – in all potential operating conditions and regardless of the heating power. We already offer a range of fans for both intake and exhaust air, tailored to the various oven power classes and available with proven EC and AC technology.

We would be happy to support you early on in the development process for new devices and systems with our application expertise and experience in high-temperature systems. Take advantage of our measuring laboratory, for example, to optimise your application design in the ovens. This ensures that the high requirements for temperature resistance and noise generation are fulfilled using fan technology perfectly tailored to the application.

Solid fuel heating manufacturers can count on ebm-papst for complete solutions from a single source. Our range of products for wood pellet heating systems and wood chip ovens covers both intake fans and tailored exhaust fans for extracting exhaust air.


The spatial constraints in the ovens present an additional challenge that we are repeatedly confronted with. Our goal is to achieve the optimum balance of size, performance and economy in every application. Our highly compact external rotor fan motors provide the best prerequisites. This is because they are constructed differently to standard electric motors, with an internal stator and external rotor. Combined with the fan, the external rotor motor forms a compact, robust and durable unit.

Tailored solutions for wood pellet heating systems and wood chip ovens

Solid fuel heating is becoming an increasingly attractive alternative to traditional oil or gas-powered heating systems, especially considering increasing energy costs. ebm-papst is a leading manufacturer of motors and fans, and offers a range of products for this sector, including quiet intake fans and customised exhaust fans for discharging exhaust air.

In addition to the existing AC blowers, ebm-papst now also offers an exhaust blower that uses GreenTech EC technology. This new blower is reliable, quiet and economical. It can be easily controlled, meaning you can perfectly adjust combustion and reduce emissions.

To protect the fans against accidental contact, we have developed a new, robust cover that features an innovative design and an integrated socket. This means the device is easier to assemble and service. The protective cover for the AC blower also includes the required operating capacitor.

Solid fuel heating manufacturers can count on ebm-papst for complete solutions from a single source. Fans and motors specially developed for these applications meet the highest requirements for service life, noise and economy.


The entire product range for wood pellet heaters and wood chip ovens from a single source

  • Fans for intake air

    Used as primary or secondary intake air fans, ebm-papst AC and EC centrifugal blowers shine with their quiet and economical performance.
  • Fans for air circulation

    Fans for air circulation are sometimes employed in pellet stoves to ensure uniform distribution of the heated air throughout the room. In our product range, you can find the perfect tangential or forwards-curved blower for this purpose.
  • Fans for exhaust air

    ebm-papst induced draft fans – single inlet EC and AC centrifugal fans – are perfect for discharging exhaust air. With our experience in high-temperature bearing technology and aerodynamics, we can meet your requirements for service life, noise and economy. The fan's external rotor construction ensures outstanding cooling performance, which is further improved by aerodynamically optimised cooling vanes that cool the motor.
  • Spur gears

    Our gear motors for solid fuel heating are specially configured for these requirements and ensure that your system is protected against failure.


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