Rooted in ebm, PAPST and mvl, today, ebm-papst with rich traditions is the worldwide specialist of customer-oriented ventilation solutions and customized products.

Headquarters in Germany

Milestones define the chapters of a company's history and mark its progress.
Milestones define the chapters of a company's history and mark its progress.

ebm-papst developed from the three companies ebm, PAPST and mvl. It has established a phenomenal reputation in the motor and fan industry. The three companies combine their respective advantages to make their products pioneers in various fields. ebm-papst has more than 10,000 employees all around the world, together committed to developing, manufacturing and selling motors and fans. Our daily work ensures various industries are provided with high quality products, services and solutions.

Milestones for ebm-papst in China

Facilities in Shanghai

ebm-papst Ventilator (Shanghai) Co., Ltd was founded in Shanghai WGQ Free Trade Zone in September 1996, whose business scope includes production and selling motors and ventilators; warehouse storage service, international trade, import and export business; technical consult service.

ebm-papst Electrics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd was founded in Shanghai in November 2000, whose business scope includes production of ventilators and motors for electronics, telecommunication, air-conditioning, refrigeration and other industries.

ebm-papst Motor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd was founded in Nanhui in August 2005. It operates here in China localized production business and customer service both for domestic and overseas business.

Anniversary for ebm-papst China; Since 1996, ebm-papst Ventilator (Shanghai) started local operations in China.

By now several companies of ebm-papst in China offer the complete program of motors and fans with a fast growing range of fully localized products. ebm-papst operates 17 sales offices, 2 plants, design and laboratory facilities in China.

The Asia Pacific Technology & Development Centre was established in ebm-papst China WaiGaoQiao Plant. And ebm-papst has the abilities to research, design and test in terms of electronics, motors and aerodynamics and supply better services to local customers. The laboratory covers area with more than 1000 square meters including 750 sqm testing laboratory and 400 electronics R&D area. All the testing equipments reach the standard of German headquarters.

As one of subsidiaries of ebm-papst Group, our locations in China not only manufacturing high-quality products but also provide customers customized solution and technical support.