Our customers profit from this every day.

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The heart of GreenTech beats in ebm-papst’s extremely energy-efficient EC technology. And this is where the first direct benefit to the customer can be found. If less energy is consumed, costs for electricity will be lower. But that is just the start, for EC technology also means that the motors and fans can be controlled, regulated, and are thus able to respond flexibly to the performance requirements actually encountered. And that makes a big difference, for nothing is more economical than a unit that switches itself off when it is no longer needed.

Another bonus of the electronics is brushless commutation. This allows our EC motors and fans to operate completely wear-free, so they are much quieter, suffer no drop in performance and have a much longer service life. So, while our customers reduce their electricity bills day by day, at the same time they also benefit from extended maintenance intervals, which means even greater cost savings for parts and labour.