GreenTech is eco-friendly production.

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GreenTech also stands for intelligent economy with maximum energy efficiency in the production process. That starts with the fact that ever since the 1960s we have run a shuttle-bus service to bring our employees to work from more distant areas of the district of Hohenlohe. That is not only convenient. It also saves countless litres of fuel every day. On the other hand, for the purchase of company cars neither engine power nor pure economy is what plays the decisive role, but minimum C02 emissions. And this applies to the entire ebm-papst Group. However, our production sites themselves are even more important. Here we employ intelligent solutions in energy management and state-of-the-art technologies to define the standards in building systems.

One impressive example is the Hollen bach factory, which was completed in 2007, and which was designed for maximum energy efficiency from the very first planning stage. The most important features of the high-tech location include its own power generation using a photovoltaic system and a cleverly devised system for ventilating, cooling and exploiting the residual heat generated on the 13,000 square metre building.