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In 1996, ebm-papst Ventilator (Shanghai) commenced local operations in China. Now, several subsidiaries of ebm-papst in China offer the complete program of motors and fans with a fast growing range of fully localized products. ebm-papst operates 19 sales offices, 2 factories, research and design facilities in China.

Our presence in China – National & corporate flag
Our presence in China – National & corporate flag

The advantage of our business in China is that our sales engineers work very closely with the application engineering department in Shanghai and join the product design. Whatever kind of fan or motor you want for cooling or ventilation, or any other IT/Telecom, household appliance or air-driving application, ebm-papst China will design a customized solution, which represents our advanced technology.

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12 April 2018

EC centrifugal fans with motor enclosures

Cooking contaminates the surrounding air with substances such as grease vapors and combustion gases, and it also generates a lot of heat and moisture. That makes the installation of air-handling units (AHUs) necessary in commercial kitchens in order to extract cooking odors while also supplying fresh air from outside. For this application, ebm-papst has developed a centrifugal fan with an EC motor outside the air flow.

16 March 2018

New 0.5 to 150 kW condensing blowers

Heating and hot water supply systems can only operate efficiently if they have an ideal heat source. Boilers and gas blowers of many different sizes used to be necessary to provide economical heating on account of the great diversity of output levels required to cover the whole spectrum from low-energy homes to apartment blocks.

26 February 2018
Jugend forscht regional competition Heilbronn-Franconia (Picture: Jens Oswald)

127 Participants in the Anniversary Year

This year, the regional competition of ‘Jugend forscht’ in Heilbronn-Franken is celebrating its 20th anniversary. ebm-papst has been sponsoring Germany's best-known competition for young researchers since 1999. ‘Jugend forscht’ (German for ‘Youth researches’) offers children and young people the opportunity to realize their own projects and compete with other inventors of the same age.

17 January 2018
ebm-papst accepted the certificate from Rational

Once again, ebm-papst Supplier of the Year

Last October, Rational AG invited 80 serial suppliers to Supplier Day in Landsberg. The company named ebm-papst “Supplier of the Year” for the second time.

29 December 2017

ebm-papst is building a new, 41 million € Development Center

ebm-papst is continuing its course for growth and plans a new development center at the ebm-papst company headquarters in Mulfingen. The global technology leader for fans and motors will invest around € 41 million in the building.

20 December 2017
New High-performance EC Blower for Extraction and Filtration Systems.

New High-performance EC Blower for Extraction and Filtration Systems

Clean, breathable air is a basic requirement for every workplace. In the metalworking industry, however, material processing often causes oil mist, vapors and welding smoke. These contaminants can only be kept at safe levels by installing extraction or air cleaning units. For applications like these, ebm-papst has developed a high-performance blower in GreenTech EC technology.

05 December 2017
Intelligent Motor K5

Intelligent compact drive with Bus interface

ebm-papst is continually extending the product range of electrical drive systems for industrial applications. Customers in machine and system construction are requesting compact and efficient drive systems that receive orders from superordinate controls via customary Bus interfaces and return actual values as well as status reports to the control.

29 November 2017
New Spokesman of ebm-papst St. Georgen

Johannes Pfeffer to become management spokesman

On January 1, 2018, Johannes Pfeffer (50) will take up the position of management spokesperson at ebm-papst St. Georgen GmbH & Co. KG, a subsidiary of the ebm-papst Group. Pfeffer will complete the fan and motor specialist’s planned dual leadership alongside Raymond Engelbrecht, who has been in the post since February 2017.

About 10,000 employees in Germany and around the world develop and produce motors and fans with passionate enthusiasm, striving to create perfect application solutions for an extremely wide variety of industries.What is distinctive about ebm-papst is that we not only mass-produce large product series in high quality, but also fulfill individual customer requests for professional applications.Those who know us know that we demand the best of ourselves in setting worldwide benchmarks in innovation and close relationships with customers. Day after day, we work to achieve exemplary performance and be the proverbial "one step ahead" of the competition by virtue of our technologies, our superior skills and knowledge in fans and, last but not least, we invent the energy-saving EC technology and make ecology and economy meet and become one.

Philosophy: Each new development must exceed the economic and ecological performance of its predecessor. Development: Materials, products and processes are selected and designed in an environmentally responsible manner using state-of-the-art methods. Production: State-of-the-art energy, air-conditioning and ventilation technology provides maximum energy efficiency in our plant.

Green through and through. In order to underline our philosophy, efforts and achievements when it comes to environmental protection, we have put them all in a nutshell with GreenTech. The benefits of GreenTech mesh with one another from the initial development of our products through to their use – and they form a circuit that finishes right where it began: with the philosophy that we shall soon build another, even more eco-friendly and economical product.