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17 Jul 2019 ebm-papst pushing internationalization

The technology leader in fans and motors, ebm-papst, enjoys continued and profitable global growth. Despite a difficult market climate with political instabilities and shortage of material, the family-owned company with its headquarters in Baden-Wurttemberg finished the fiscal year 2018/19 on 31 March 2019 with sales revenues of € 2.183 billion.

22 Jun 2019 8th ebm-papst Innovation Forum: Smart Minds – Smart Solutions

Under the motto “Smart minds. Smart solutions,” the two-day ebm-papst Innovation Forum was held in May. A total of 170 accredited visitors from all over Germany accepted the invitation to come to Mulfingen and discuss the refrigeration and air conditioning sector’s latest developments. Twenty-five presentations from experts in the sector provided plenty of input.

16 May 2019 Software for application engineers and users

The compact GreenTech EC drives from ebm-papst with integrated K4 control electronics have already proven their flexibility in a range of applications. With driveSTUDIO software, adjusting them to meet individual requirements from the applications is now easier – and intuitive.

29 Apr 2019 Next-generation modular drive system

Different outputs, transmission designs and reduction stages, drives with and without an encoder, industrial-grade connection technology and IP54 degree of protection: ebm-papst's ECI-42 modular system for drives with a diameter of 42 mm will enable users to create customized solutions by combining different modules.

11 Apr 2019 2019 CR innovation product award

09 Mar 2019 Lightweight, quiet, powerful and responsive

The RV45 centrifugal fan from ebm-papst is ideal for applications requiring rapidly changing air flow and high pressures, including extraction systems, packaging machines and respirators. Its aerodynamics and motor are optimized for rapid speed changes, and it is also light and quiet.

18 Feb 2019 LIN-Bus-compatible gas blower and new centrifugal fans

The ISH trade fair in Frankfurt is the international meeting spot for the sustainable heating and air conditioning technology sector. The trade show has new dates in 2019: it will be held from Monday, March 11 to Friday, March 15. ebm‑papst will be showing the latest solutions for air conditioning and condensing technology in hall 8.0, booth F91.

13 Dec 2018 Compact fan for extreme conditions

A new addition to the 420J product range from ebm-papst: The tubeaxial fans withstand temperatures down to -40°C and are now also available for 48 V DC voltage input, degree of protection IP68 and EMC protection class B.

07 Nov 2018 GreenIntelligence takes economy and ecology a step further

ebm-papst turns energy-efficient fans and drives into intelligently interconnected complete solutions. "GreenIntelligence", to be presented for the first time at the Chillventa trade show in Nuremberg, is an impressive expression of this.

18 Oct 2018 EC fans for efficient cooling towers

For use in cooling towers, the ebm-papst portfolio contains a new axial fan with double flange housing of size 1,250 mm.

18 Oct 2018 Flammable refrigerants and the consequences for fan design

All refrigeration applications have one thing in common: The use of refrigerants. Patrick Stern, ebm-papst Market Manager Refrigeration, will be presenting ebm-papst fan solutions for this sector in a workshop at the ATMOsphere Europe conference in November 2018.

18 Oct 2018 Energy-efficient fans for refrigerated cabinets in supermarkets

The fans used in refrigerated display cases and bottle coolers in the commercial food sector have very long operating times. They offer great potential for saving energy. ebm-papst offers efficient fan concepts for applications for both medium and low temperature refrigeration systems.

18 Oct 2018 Avoidance of vibration-induced damage

Fans used in ventilation, refrigeration and air conditioning systems or other industrial applications are generally subjected to rigorous testing and have to withstand endurance tests under harsh conditions at the factory. Vibration can however lead to damage and failure if the fans are not properly installed.

10 Sep 2018 ebm-papst at SEMICON Taiwan 2018

30 Aug 2018 Probing the depths of space

So fascinating, so far away: About 1,500 light-years from Earth, the Orion Nebula with its huge clouds of hydrogen is an ideal place for new stars to form. Tubeaxial fans from ebm-papst provide cooling for the primary mirror of the telescope at the Weikersheim observatory, helping to probe the depths of space.

30 Jul 2018 ebm-papst builds new plant in China

With a ground-breaking ceremony, ebm-papst, world market leader for fans and motors, started the construction of a new plant in Xi'an, the Chinese capital of Shaanxi province. From summer 2019, fan solutions for the Asian market are to be produced on 27,000 square meters.

20 Jul 2018 ebm-papst Exceeds the €2 Billion Mark

Technology leader in fans and motors grows by 7.5 % and employs over 15,000 people. With the "one ebm-papst" strategy program, ebm-papst is realigning itself.

26 Jun 2018 Small case with a big effect

On Wednesday, 6 June 2018 at 1.12 pm, Alexander Gerst from Künzelsau will take off from Kazakhstan's Baikonur space station for the ISS (International Space Station). Before his departure, he is supported by a ebm-papst product.

19 Jun 2018 Excellent research and development

For the third time after 2014 and 2016, the fan specialist ebm-papst has been awarded the seal of approval "Innovative through Research" by the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft, for its research and development work.

04 Jun 2018 ebm-papst takes 2nd place in category for data center energy technology

The awards ceremony for the German Data Center Award took place on April 24, 2018, in Darmstadt. The top three prizes were awarded in each of eight categories at the “Darmstadtium” convention center, with ebm-papst taking second place in the category for data center energy technology.

20 May 2018 WorldStar Packaging Awards 2018: ebm-papst wins second straight international packaging prize

Sebastian Gruber, packaging engineer at ebm-papst in Mulfingen, has won the WorldStar Packaging Award in the transport category for the second time in a row. Along with Mario Kurz, packaging consultant at ebm-papst’s supplier Mondi, he traveled all the way to Australia, where this year’s awards ceremony was held, to receive the award.

12 Apr 2018 EC centrifugal fans with motor enclosures

Cooking contaminates the surrounding air with substances such as grease vapors and combustion gases, and it also generates a lot of heat and moisture. That makes the installation of air-handling units (AHUs) necessary in commercial kitchens in order to extract cooking odors while also supplying fresh air from outside. For this application, ebm-papst has developed a centrifugal fan with an EC motor outside the air flow.

16 Mar 2018 New 0.5 to 150 kW condensing blowers

Heating and hot water supply systems can only operate efficiently if they have an ideal heat source. Boilers and gas blowers of many different sizes used to be necessary to provide economical heating on account of the great diversity of output levels required to cover the whole spectrum from low-energy homes to apartment blocks.

26 Feb 2018 127 Participants in the Anniversary Year

This year, the regional competition of ‘Jugend forscht’ in Heilbronn-Franken is celebrating its 20th anniversary. ebm-papst has been sponsoring Germany's best-known competition for young researchers since 1999. ‘Jugend forscht’ (German for ‘Youth researches’) offers children and young people the opportunity to realize their own projects and compete with other inventors of the same age.

17 Jan 2018 Once again, ebm-papst Supplier of the Year

Last October, Rational AG invited 80 serial suppliers to Supplier Day in Landsberg. The company named ebm-papst “Supplier of the Year” for the second time.

29 Dec 2017 ebm-papst is building a new, 41 million € Development Center

ebm-papst is continuing its course for growth and plans a new development center at the ebm-papst company headquarters in Mulfingen. The global technology leader for fans and motors will invest around € 41 million in the building.

20 Dec 2017 New High-performance EC Blower for Extraction and Filtration Systems

Clean, breathable air is a basic requirement for every workplace. In the metalworking industry, however, material processing often causes oil mist, vapors and welding smoke. These contaminants can only be kept at safe levels by installing extraction or air cleaning units. For applications like these, ebm-papst has developed a high-performance blower in GreenTech EC technology.

05 Dec 2017 Intelligent compact drive with Bus interface

ebm-papst is continually extending the product range of electrical drive systems for industrial applications. Customers in machine and system construction are requesting compact and efficient drive systems that receive orders from superordinate controls via customary Bus interfaces and return actual values as well as status reports to the control.

29 Nov 2017 Johannes Pfeffer to become management spokesman

On January 1, 2018, Johannes Pfeffer (50) will take up the position of management spokesperson at ebm-papst St. Georgen GmbH & Co. KG, a subsidiary of the ebm-papst Group. Pfeffer will complete the fan and motor specialist’s planned dual leadership alongside Raymond Engelbrecht, who has been in the post since February 2017.

20 Nov 2017 Silent centrifugal fans not only for medicine

About 2 % of women and 4 % of men worldwide suffer with the respiratory dysfunction obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), the remedy is a ventilation aid. The lungs of the person asleep are regularly provided sufficient air and thereby oxygen with the use of a respiratory mask. In order to establish the required air pressure, ebm-papst has developed a new centrifugal fan which has been adapted to the requirements of medical technology.

02 Nov 2017 ebm-papst on UN Climate Change Conference in Bonn

On the occasion of the 23rd UN Climate Change Conference (COP23) from November 6 to November 17, 2017, in Bonn, the technology leader for fans and motors calls for greater climate protection efforts. The ebm-papst Group, supports the international community’s goal of world greenhouse gas neutrality by the end of this century.

23 Oct 2017 RadiCal wins Materialica Award

The winners of this year’s MATERIALICA Design + Technology Awards were announced at a ceremony in Munich on October 17, 2017. “We’re very pleased that our innovative RadiCal centrifugal fan impressed the judges and was designated ‘Best of Product,’” said Thomas Heli, Head of Development in Product Section EA-2 at ebm-papst Mulfingen.

12 Oct 2017 Technology Leader Invests €13 Million

ebm-papst Group, the world market leader for fans and motors headquartered in Mulfingen (Baden-Württemberg), is investing €13 million in a new building at its location in Lauf/Pegnitz, near Nuremberg. In 2013, ebm-papst acquired the transmission specialist, then still under the name Zeitlauf, since then the location with around 300 employees has belonged to the Black Forest subsidiary in St. Georgen.

22 Sep 2017 International Field in Kocher Valley Event

They came from everywhere, including Sweden, Russia, Croatia, France and Finland. But of the 3,300 participants, Ruth Smith from Greenside, South Africa had the longest journey. Runners from a total of 16 countries participated in the event in Kocher Valley organized by ebm-papst and the Police Sports Club in Hohenlohe.

22 Sep 2017 International Field in Kocher Valley Event

They came from everywhere, including Sweden, Russia, Croatia, France and Finland. But of the 3,300 participants, Ruth Smith from Greenside, South Africa had the longest journey. Runners from a total of 16 countries participated in the event in Kocher Valley organized by ebm-papst and the Police Sports Club in Hohenlohe.

14 Sep 2017 Axial fan receives Red Dot Award, Outstanding Product Design from Mulfingen

ebm-papst received the renowned “Red Dot Award 2017: Product Design” for its AxiBlade axial fan. The jury was impressed by the fan’s modular structure, which sets special standards when it comes to flexibility and functionality.

27 Apr 2017 Flat – but wow!

Fans in refrigerated and deep-freeze cabinets are operated almost continuously, so they offer especially large potential energy savings. The proven energy-saving fan from ebm-papst is now available with a diagonal impeller for especially tight spaces in the rear walls of refrigerated display cases.

31 Mar 2017 Interface of the future

Two fans per running meter are normally installed in supermarket refrigerated display cases, which are in operation almost 24 hours a day. The rugged and compact energy-saving fans from ebm-papst with their high-efficiency GreenTech EC motors are ideal for this application. Now they feature a MODBUS RTU interface for remote monitoring, control and regulation.

28 Mar 2017 Pioneering Efficiency

ebm-papst has been in partnership with Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport since 2014. Both companies are linked by shared values and challenges – and a clear objective: ensuring enduring success based on innovation and efficient solutions.

01 Mar 2017 “Driving will be more stressful”

Aerodynamics expert Dr. Jürgen Schöne on the rule changes for the 2017 season.

15 Feb 2017 Cooperation with Mercedes

ebm-papst is a worldwide innovation leader in fans and motors with over 15,000 different products, providing the ideal solution for virtually all air technology and drive engineering tasks.

08 Dec 2016 Centrifugal fans for extreme applications

Fan specialist ebm-papst has developed a patented membrane that protects electronic components in fans against corrosion that causes malfunctions – even in environments subject to frequent fluctuations in temperature and humidity. The fans are used primarily in IT and telecommunications applications.

18 Nov 2016 A fresh breeze for the dairy case

Leap from iQ to NiQ: The new generation of energy-saving motors from ebm-papst is more efficient and economical than its predecessors – and is even suitable for use in the food sector.

17 Nov 2016 Stefan Brandl is to become CEO of ebm-papst

The shareholders of the ebm-papst Group, market and technology leader for fans and motors, have appointed Stefan Brandl (48) as Chairman of the Board of Directors. He will officially take up his post on January 1, 2017. As COO, Thomas Wagner is to continue until then as spokesman for the Board of Directors of the corporate group.

25 Aug 2016 Efficient cooling with low energy use

Reliable cooling of all components is essential for compact, highly integrated electronics in the fields of IT, telecommunication and network technology, as well as in inverters for the automation of solar plants. High packing density requires a high airflow rate and a large increase in pressure in order to dissipate the heat. The specialist in fan and drive technology, ebm-papst, now introduces the 8300 N, a fan which is up to 8 dB(A) quieter than its predecessor.

15 Jul 2016 Energy-saving EC centrifugal blowers with high power density

Fast start in only 3 to 4 seconds.

21 Jun 2016 AHU Upgrade for Supermarket with ebm-papst RadiPac EC centrifugal fan

The ebm-papst group are a leading global manufacturer and supplier of fans, blowers and air moving products. We provide a unique range of fans and blowers that are typically used throughout buildings. Our EC, high efficiency fans are standard in the market and are used where end users wish to reduce their running costs and improve equipment lifetimes.

17 Jun 2016 Fan and Controls Upgrade at Box Hill Aquatic Center

ebm-papst Universal Gateway enables communication between MODBUS fans and other protocols used in a building management system.

22 Apr 2016 Gas blower for large-scale applications up to two megawatts

For applications requiring decentralized heating solutions With the new G3G 315, ebm-papst is expanding its product portfolio to include another high-performance gas blower that permits a heat output of up to 2 MW for the first time. It opens up new possibilities – especially for applications requiring decentralized heating solutions.

04 Apr 2016 Axial fans for high-performance evaporators

30% higher efficiency, thanks to diffuser and guide vanes The axial fan family for evaporators – “AxiCool” from ebm-papst – has new members. The new sizes – 500, 630 and 800 – are designed with high-performance evaporators and air coolers in the commercial and industrial cooling sectors in mind. They are ideal for use in large cold storage facilities and the refrigerated warehouses and production rooms used in the food processing and food industries.

01 Mar 2016 Axial fan with integrated diffuser

Modern heating calls for new concepts based on renewable energy instead of fossil fuel. This is why heat pumps are enjoying increased popularity. Modern EC fans make a significant contribution to ensuring that they operate efficiently, economically and extremely quietly. Motor and fan specialist ebm-papst has once again set new standards in this area.

12 Jan 2016 ebm-papst buying electronics specialist IKOR

2016 started with some good news: ebm-papst acquired a majority shareholding in Spanish electronics specialist IKOR on 1 January 2016.

31 Dec 2015 Measured by the ILK in Dresden!

Size 400 centrifugal fans measured in an air handling unit

01 Dec 2015 High-performance DC axial fans in the 119 x 119 mm class

Modern machinery with its compactness and high component density places high demands on heat dissipation. The solution: compact, high-performance fans. With the 4300N, fan specialist ebm-papst now offers a new high-performance fan that sets standards.

30 Nov 2015 First international award for Energy Scouts in Great Britain

The “Energy Scouts” trainee project initiated by ebm-papst won the Automotive Supply Chain Global Awards in the “Best Trainee Project” category in November 2015. After many German awards, this was the first international award for the project involving young trainees from fan specialist ebm-papst.

27 Nov 2015 New, compact diagonal module for filter fans

Mechanically compatible with market standard but much more efficient:

10 Nov 2015 Energy-saving EC centrifugal blowers with high power density

Fast start in only 3 to 4 seconds.

10 Nov 2015 Energy-saving EC centrifugal blowers with high power density

Fast start in only 3 to 4 seconds.

17 Aug 2015 Modular system for ECI drives expanded with new 80 mm motor:

High-performance drive for automation

17 Aug 2015 Energy scout meets environment minister

Since 2010 energy scouts have been on the hunt for energy saving potential at ebm-papst. They have been so successful in their efforts that the trainee project was adopted by the Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry (DIHK) as part of the "SME Energy Transition and Climate Protection Initiative" in 2014 and is now available as a training scheme at around 30 Chambers of Commerce and Industry throughout Germany.

14 Aug 2015 "Being fit for the future means running a sustainable business"

Interview with Dr. Lindl.

10 Aug 2015 ebm-papst Nominated for Baden-Württemberg Environmental Technology Award

The innovative product "AxiCool" from ebm-papst was nominated for the Baden-Württemberg Environmental Technology Award in the material efficiency category. Products that are making a significant contribution to resource efficiency and environmental conservation were considered. There were almost 60 entries in a total of four categories for the Environmental Technology Award 2015. ebm-papst has been recognized with two awards in the past as well as receiving other nominations.

31 Jul 2015 Ex-protected fans with GreenTech EC technology.

Saving energy safely. Innovation in explosive areas. ebm-papst presents the first ex-protected EC fans.

03 Jul 2015 Efficient, compact EC motors for high-performance fans and blowers The future of refrigeration, air conditioning and building systems

Society is facing considerable challenges in the light of global warming and world population growth. And so the top priority has to be to reduce energy consumption. According to the WHO there is a direct correlation between world population growth and water consumption, the number of motor vehicles, increasing CO2 emissions and the demand for electricity. In this context the concept of "efficiency" takes on major significance with a view to accommodating a good deal of the extra energy demand in the future. In the field of refrigeration, air conditioning and building systems, the use of energy-saving drive units for fans and blowers can make a great contribution to such efforts.

03 Jul 2015 Compact 40 x 40 mm variable-power fan Efficient cooling of hot spots made easy

Modern electronic components and assemblies make it possible to achieve a high power density together with a compact design.Active cooling with efficient high-performance fans offers a better alternative for high-performance cooling in data processing systems, inverters and laser devices for example. With an edge length of just 40 mm, such fans convey a powerful flow of air to the hot spot. The high-speed, turbulent flow dissipates heat exactly where it is needed, saving valuable installation space. Intelligent electronic fan control constantly ensures optimum power adjustment and pinpointed variation of the air volume in line with requirements. This reduces both energy consumption and operating noise.

01 Jul 2015 Compact, quiet and reliable Induced draft fans for optimised biomass heating

Economical heating, environmentally friendly combustion technology and convenient operation are the main requirements for heating systems in private homes today, so systems using wood pellets, wood chips and split logs are used in a variety of situations. They can be used within living areas or for central heating in single- or multi-family homes as well as public buildings. Compact dimensions and quiet operation are important considerations. After all, nobody wants environmentally friendly heating to come at the expense of living comfort. Fans for fresh air and exhaust gases play an important role here and need to deliver convincing performance in terms of energy efficiency, noise, reliability and compactness.

30 Jun 2015 New EC fans for retrofitting in air conditioning systems: The easy way to replace "old" with "highly efficient"

Compact fan dimensions are highly desirable for all ventilation and air conditioning applications. After all, installation space always tends to be at a premium. Energy efficiency is also an important aspect, not least because of the need to meet the minimum requirements set down by the Ecodesign regulation, which came into force for fans in 2015. Modern fans featuring energy-saving EC technology have plenty to offer in this respect: The compact fans do not just satisfy currently applicable and future requirements, they already clearly surpass them. This is of equal benefit to both the environment and customers, particularly as new concepts make retrofitting a simple matter for air conditioning unit manufacturers without the need for any design modifications.

27 Apr 2015 Industry 4.0

Communication between products, people, machines and software ebm-papst manufactures Industry 4.0-capable products and interlinks production processes. When products, people, machines and software work together efficiently and productively, energy efficiency improves – and that is a particular concern of ebm-papst.

24 Mar 2015 Solutions for solid fuel heating systems

Heating engineering has long been a focus for ebm-papst's range of services. For decades, our innovative motor and fan technology has contributed to making modern heating engineering more powerful, economical and environmentally friendly. With over 15 years of experience in the ever-expanding solid fuel heater market, we can not only provide special fans for wood pellet heaters and wood chip ovens, but can also integrate our exceptional application expertise.

19 Mar 2015 A helping hand

Pushing and braking aids from AAT help wheelchair users improve their everyday mobility

18 Mar 2015 Energy-saving solutions for heating and ventilation

Motor and fan specialist ebm-papst will present its latest developments in heating and ventilation technology at the ISH trade fair in Frankfurt from the 10.03.-14.03.15 (Hall 11, Stand B90).

04 Feb 2015 RadiFit EC centrifugal fans

Compact, efficient, easily upgraded. Centrifugal fan with backward curved blades, double inlet and scroll housing.

04 Dec 2014 ebm-papst takes double gold

ebm-papst claimed two prizes at the ceremony for the MATERIALICA Design + Technology Award, presented for the twelfth time on 21 October 2014 . The energy-saving evaporator fan was honoured in the category "CO2 Efficiency", with the FlowGrid air inlet grille claiming gold in the "Product" category. A jury of material and design experts picked winners in five categories.

04 Dec 2014 High-performance drive solutions and efficient cooling concepts for automation

The new ECI-80.XX-K1 motor represents a new dimension at ebm-papst.

04 Dec 2014 We want to reach pole position

ebm-papst is team partner to the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula 1 racing team. But what does that mean? Rainer Hundsdörfer, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the ebm-papst Group, answered these questions in our interview.

17 Nov 2014 ebmpapst partnership with MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS

MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS wins 2014 FIA Formula 1 World Constructors Championship* ebm-papst supports the successful Formula One team starting with the 2014 season

09 Oct 2014 S-Panther - The new generation of compact fans

Our new compact fans may purr like a kitten, but they really roar into action when it comes to cooling. This is why we call them S-Panther. The combination of highly efficient GreenTech EC motors and a new aeroacoustic design achieves a significant increase in efficiency and lowers noise levels by up to 9 dB(A). Ideal for frequency converters, welding machines, solar inverters, IT or telecommunications applications. You can happily get a little closer.

18 Jul 2014 New approved controller for ebm-papst EC-fans

The vkb.cmd handheld is designed for controlling and parameterizing of ebm-papst EC-fans with RS485 interfaces (ebmBus, MODBUS).

03 Jul 2014 Rainer Hundsdörfer, CEO of the ebm-papst group gave an interview to Comfortable System

Rainer Hundsdörfer, CEO of the ebm-papst group gave an interview to Comfortable System on June 2014, he talked about ebm-papst’s new development trends and ideas in 2014 as well as his opinions and suggestions on the industry development.

27 Jun 2014 German Sustainability Award for ebm-papst

Rainer Hundsdoerfer's pride was clear for all to see when he accepted the award for Germany's most sustainable company on behalf of ebm-papst in Berlin.

15 Jun 2014 What to look out for in vehicle LED headlights: Energy-saving lighting demands new solutions

The power density of modern LEDs makes it possible to use this type of lighting in vehicle headlights. The actual light source is insensitive to vibration and shocks. But like any other electronic component, it also needs to be operated within certain temperature limits. Small fans specially adapted to the needs of headlight operation offer a solution. To adapt the headlight to the car’s needs, all components need to fulfil a few basic requirements. This also applies to the fans that are used. Constantly higher light output from comparably small chip surface enables light developers to produce headlight units that are small and compact. This opens new possibilities for vehicle de-sign and saving energy, as LED headlights potentially require less energy than other illuminants, with better

17 Apr 2014 63 mm drive with integrated control electronics: Range of modules for easy confi guration of modern EC drives expanded

High efficiency is only possible when all components are perfectly matched. This is especially true for the right selection and design of drives. However, development is subject to constraints in both costs and scheduling. Successful drives will be those that are based on a comprehensive modular system. Now a motor with integrated control electronics adds to the range of options among drives with a diameter of 63 mm. In addition to the mechanics, now the regulation via interfaces can be easily customised to suit local conditions.

13 Mar 2014 “Air-guiding system” guarantees low noise output : Air inlet grille for axial and centrifugal fans

In applications relating to refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation technology, users frequently observe that the selected fan installed in the device does not run as quietly as expected. Such fans often generate a level of operating noise considerably higher than that stated in the product documentation. The reason for this is simple: the values stated in the documentation are based on reproducible measurements under standard conditions (without any disruptions).

13 Sep 2013 Energy-efficient air-conditioning technology with modern GreenTech EC fans: Prize-winning low-energy housing complex in Switzerland

Last year, the Solar City housing complex in the wine-growing region of Satigny was awarded the Swiss Solar Prize 2011 in the category "Energy Systems for Renewable Energies" for its eco-friendly energy and heat generation. 80% of the energy needed is generated by the complex's own solar system. An important basis for the efficient us of regenerative primary energy is provided by the modern air-conditioning equipment employed for ventilating and heating the complex. When the windows are closed, it provides for a requirement-orientated air exchange and optimum air conditioning. The high-performance and yet energy-efficient fans with GreenTech EC technology supplied by ebm-papst which are employed in the HVAC systems make a major contribution to this.

30 Aug 2013 GreenTech EC fans for potentially explosive atmospheres in zones 1 and 2: Safety for systems with natural refrigerants

For environmental reasons, the trend today is moving towards natural refrigerants. Two categories are worth considering: non-combustible refrigerants such as CO2 and combustible refrigerants such as propane or butane. With non-combustible natural refrigerants, the choice of fan is simple, because no special protective measures need to be taken into account. For reasons of energy efficiency, EC fans are increasingly being used here. The choice of fans when combustible refrigerants are employed is much more difficult. In this case, explosion protection measures have to be taken into account from a certain size upwards. However, that is no longer a problem. The energy-efficient properties of the EC fan, both at full load and in part-load operation, mean that it can now also be used in potentially explosive atmospheres in zones 1 and 2. Combined with the natural refrigerant, this creates a coherent combination in the interest of minimising impact on the environment.

15 Aug 2013 Energy-efficient GreenTech EC motors for fan technology: External rotor motors need no rare earth magnets

Permanently excited electric motors rely on permanent magnets due to their function. Especially strong magnets can be produced in the sintering process from compounds with rare earth materials, such as samarium cobalt or neodymium iron boron. After the artificial scarcity of these materials and the resulting drastic rise in costs, the prices are falling again now. However, since now as before China controls a large part of the quantity supplied, one must continue to reckon with extreme price fluctuations. Likewise, availability is not guaranteed.

01 Aug 2013 EC motors under scrutiny: What was that with current reverse transfer?

Fan efficiency has become a central issue in ventilation and air-conditioning technology. This is encouraged not only by the statutory basis created with the Energy Conservation Directive, but also by increased environmental and cost awareness on the part of users. Against this background, it comes as no surprise that energy-efficient EC technology is increasingly being employed in more and more areas, in large evaporators and heat ex-changers and in control cabinet cooling.

23 Jul 2013 AxiTop – Less noise and more efficiency

For refrigeration and cooling equipment, the heat generated in the circulation process has to be transferred to the ambient air via a heat exchanger. To accomplish this, fans move cool air through a heat exchanger and allow the heat to dissipate. There is a whole range of options for designing and configuring especially efficient, quiet and durable fans.

03 Jul 2013 Refrigerator/freezer combination with more useful space and better access Centrifugal compact fan for NoFrost system means no need for manual defrosting

Refrigerators have long become an established fixture in the kitchen. They make it easier to keep supplies and ensure that many foods stay fresh longer. Unfortunately, conventional refrigerators also have disadvantages, and thus compromises must often be made for the cooling temperature of various foodstuffs such as meat and vegetables. Ice formation on the evaporator in the freezer compartment must be removed by manual defrosting, and the contents of the refrigerator and freezer stored elsewhere during this process. A new concept for refrigerator/freezer combinations with integrated fan provides help here. It allows better temperature distribution and prevents ice formation on the foodstuffs stored in the freezer compartment. An automatic defrost feature also makes the previous maintenance effort unnecessary.

28 Jun 2013 ebm-papst positioned for further growth in its 50th anniversary year

The ebm-papst Group, the world market leader in fans and motors, has successfully defended its sales figures and is positioned for further growth in its 50th anniversary year.

16 May 2013 New Plug Fans exceed today the requirements of tomorrow: More air performance and high energy efficiency

With the coming into effect of the ErP (Energy related Products) Implementation Directive for fans, manufacturers are required to design their products for the European market in compliance with defined efficiency standards. These standards affects all fans in the power range 125 W to 500 kW, regardless of whether or not they are used as stand-alone units or as components within another item of equipment or system (cf. box text 1). Great savings potential can be achieved with the fans employed in ventilation air-conditioning technology, for these are often run with a high operating factor. Modern fans with energy-efficient EC technology have numerous advantages here. Not only do they satisfy both current and future mandatory requirements, they actually exceed them by far, even today. This

09 May 2013 AC 2 EC - Replacement made easy New EC motor design – Compact and efficient

The efficiency of the fans used is a central issue in ventilation and air-conditioning technology. This is encouraged not only by the statutory basis created with the Energy Conservation Directive, but also by increased environmental and cost awareness on the part of users. Against this background, it is no surprise that energy-efficient EC technology is increasingly being employed in all areas of application. To offer manufacturers of ventilation and air-conditioning units the option of continuing to use conventional AC technology or switching to energy-efficient EC technology in the future, the installation conditions for both motor technologies have to be identical. A new generation of EC motors is for the first time as compact as existing AC versions and mechanically full compatible. T

02 May 2013 Air-conditioning systems from Bösch in the New Middle School at Höchst: Energy-efficient air-conditioning technology for a healthy room climate

The climate and the ambient air quality both have a great effect on concentration, health and wellbeing, so it is important to have good ambient air, for examples in classrooms. Window ventilation used to be common practice, but is effectively banned today from the perspective of energy efficiency, meaning that climate control systems are needed that provide the necessary air exchange and optimum air-conditioning even with windows that are closed and air-tight. That by no means applies only to new buildings. Such concepts can also be integrated in conversions and renovations. The result is low energy costs and good ambient air quality. The EC fans employed in modern air-conditioning systems are high-performance and at the same time energy-efficient. The application described below provides

28 Apr 2013 Product family expands upwards: New gas blower for condensing boiler technology — quiet and efficient

Modern compact gas heaters are based on the principle of condensing boiler technology. They are known for their good energy utilisation and compact dimensions. While condensing boilers once were more common in the lower power range, systems with up to 120kW now exist as wall units which, due to the space conditions, require power-optimised, compact fans. A newly developed gas blower with optional integrated venturi mixer for heat output up to 150 kW is a response to this trend.

13 Apr 2013 Eco-friendly gas heating systems need perfectly matched components Gas fittings, blower and control from a single source

For single-family and multi-family homes, eco-friendly gas will remain a popular heat generation medium in the future. The cost-benefit ratio for a modern, low-pollutant gas heating system remains unbeatable. To make the problem of matching the individual components easier for the developers of gas heating systems, complete packages comprising blower, gas metering system (gas fittings or multifunction controls) and control unit are the best choice. Here, the individual controls within the overall gas metering system are optimally matched. They reliably comply with all emissions limits across the entire power range of the gas heating system and guarantee economical operation.

13 Mar 2013 Design expertise opens up new possibilities: A compact power blower for particularly high air performance

For blowers used in range hoods, but also in ventilation and air-conditioning technology, such as in air curtains or control cabinet cooling systems, it is most important that they operate as quietly as possible despite high air performance. The newest generation of modern power blowers proves that there are by no limits to the technical possibilities. They operate more quietly than the predecessor models at significantly increased air performance, are compact and easy to install.

06 Feb 2013 Efficient technology and innovative design: Diagonal fans make filter fans more efficient

Filter fans are a combination of fan and dust filter. They are well suited for economically dissipating heat loads from switch cabinets or electronics enclosures. A new generation of equipment is now providing a breath of fresh air - in more ways than one - in the field of housing and control cabinet technology: with a flat design, good pressure stability, constant performance and reduced noise characteristics. Moreover, tool-free (and therefore time-saving) installation makes it convenient for the user. Diagonal fans which can be perfectly integrated into the application make an essential contribution here. These combine the characteristics of conventional axial fans with those of centrifugal fans.

14 Sep 2012 Product family expands upwards

New gas blower for condensing boiler technology — quiet and efficient Modern compact gas heaters are based on the principle of condensing boiler technology. They are known for their good energy utilisation and compact dimensions. While condensing boilers once were more common in the lower power range, systems with up to 120kW now exist as wall units which, due to the space conditions, require power-optimised, compact fans. A newly developed gas blower with optional integrated venturi mixer for heat output up to 150 kW is a response to this trend.

07 Sep 2012 New ultra-efficient air/water heat pumps: Extracting heat from air

The future of heating technology belongs to renewable energies. In the private sphere, heat pumps are becoming increasingly important. In focus: air/water heat pumps. Because compared to other types of system, these are especially flexible and also ultra-efficient.

31 Aug 2012 New gas blower impresses with high power density

Now also for heat output up to 1 MW: New gas blower impresses with high power density 15 At the end of the 1980s, gas blowers were already being developed for the modern heating systems known today as "condensing boilers", which have since become widespread due to their very good energy exploitation. The gas blowers are arranged upstream of a burner to blow in the gas/air mixture. Like in other applications, the trend in heating systems is also moving towards compact, space-saving devices. Gas blowers of the latest generation reflect this. Today, 20 compact "power packs" are on the market that weigh only 20 kg, even in the heavyweight category of 1 MW heat output. These impress with their extremely high power density.

16 Dec 2011 Compact as a small motor, strong as a large motor and more intelligent than both of them together - the new VARIODRIVE Compact motor VDC-3-49.15

08 Dec 2011 Brushless DC Fan 385

Automotive brushless DC fans Climate control for commercial vehicles

01 Sep 2011 RadiCal sets new benchmarks in ventilation and air-conditioning technology: Increased efficiency due to new geometry of the impeller

The often-used term "efficiency" describes the ratio between the quantity of output attained and the amount of effort required for this output. If the effort decreases, efficiency increases. This effect is becoming increasingly important in a wide variety of areas. For example, the efficiency of the fans used is a central topic in ventilation and air-conditioning technology. In light of these facts, it is no surprise that energy-saving EC technology is increasingly replacing conventional AC fans in this area in order to attain an additional increase in efficiency. New centrifugal fans can now provide even more added energy efficiency.

01 Sep 2011 New EC centrifugal fans with backward curved blades: Saving energy with air-conditioning and ventilation systems

Today, saving energy is more important than ever. Large potential savings can be attained with fans used in ventilation and air-conditioning technology, as these are often operated with high duty cycles. If the right technology is used, not only energy, but great deal of money can be saved. Meanwhile, lawmakers have also come around to ensuring that the job is done correctly. Starting in Jan. 2011, motors will have minimum efficiency classes that are established at present in the eco-design directive (based on the framework directive 2005/32/EC - Energy using products directive). Responsible manufacturers have already reacted to this and offer corresponding energy saving fans – fans that will not only fulfil the specified requirements in the future, but significantly exceed them even now.

31 Aug 2011 New ultra-efficient air/water heat pumps: Extracting heat from air

The future of heating technology belongs to renewable energies. In the private sphere, heat pumps are becoming increasingly important. In focus: air/water heat pumps. Because compared to other types of system, these are especially flexible and also ultra-efficient.

30 Aug 2011 ebm-papst expands in China - Capacity increase for GreenTech EC fans

The ebm-papst Group has significantly increased its capacities in China. At the start of June, seven new halls were officially inaugurated and taken into service in Shanghai.

29 Aug 2011 New EC centrifugal fan series for air-conditioning devices: Added value for everyone!

Where before, air-conditioning devices for cooling buildings were found mainly in southern regions, today it is becoming popular to use temperature equalising air-conditioning even at more moderate latitudes. So-called fan coils, which consist of heat exchangers and fans, are found ever more frequently not only in hotels and offices, but also in municipal facilities, commercial buildings and even in private residences. And with good reason: After all, the human organism is designed such that it not only feels best at temperatures of approx. 20 °C, but also performs best.

22 Mar 2011 New Product, Radical Fan

Now, after the successful market launch of the HyBlade axial fans, the energy-efficient "RadiCal" fans from ebm-papst are defining new standards in the centrifugal field of ventilation and air-conditioning technology.

29 Oct 2009 ebm-papst hits green

China green building congress took place in Beijing from 3rd to 4th June 2009. The congress gathered over 70 attendees and it interprets China's newly released policies and regulations of green building and energy conservation.

26 Oct 2009 EC in supermarkets: Measurable savings

Eating is a sensory pleasure — but unfortunately buying food is often not. Karsten and Marcus Nüsken prove that this can be different in their seven Rewe supermarkets in Westphalia. The brothers explain how they managed to use EC technology to catapult one of their supermarkets into the top ten supermarkets in Europe.