Can a single fan system cover all applications?


Your ebm-papst solution: AxiBlade

Air conditioning and refrigeration systems can have very different requirements. You want to offer a customized solution in all cases, so the heart of the system – the fan – must also be customized.

With the new AxiBlade, ebm-papst has developed a system that perfectly satisfies this need. By optimizing all the efficiency-relevant components and enabling maximum configuration flexibility, highly efficient fans become “Your ebm-papst solution.”

The new AxiBlade has many different and improved features while maintaining the same footprint. They are exactly the same as the industry standard, so the end device requires only minimal design changes. Only the height has been modified.The AxiBlade is very low. This is not the most important factor for installation, but is also a major advantage for transport and ultimately saves costs.

Have we really considered everything?


  • Each fan component optimizes the overall system in a way that targets the specific requirements
  • The best values with respect to noise level and overall efficiency

Improved performance.

All components have been optimized for maximum system performance. The results are up to 54 % more overall efficiency and up to 8 dB(A) less sound emission with respect to the HyBlade® series.

Maximum flexibility.

For all applications, the modular system of the AxiBlade series provides the ideal efficiency or noise level for meeting your requirements.

Very simple.

We achieve this performance improvement with the same footprint.This means you will not have to implement any design-related conversion measures on your application. The new AxiBlade series is an exact replacement.

Do we deliver the best for every operating point?


  • From application-specific adjustments
  • With solutions engineered down to the last detail
  • In a broad performance spectrum

In order to satisfy the requirements of heat exchangers with different designs even better, we have analyzed the applications for the fans used in the market in detail.

Our solution is a modular concept that provides maximum flexibility so that fans can be operated as close to the ideal state as possible in typical operating ranges. Here are some examples:

 Operating range 1.Operating range 2.
Your requirementsLow to medium back pressure (up to approx. 200 Pa/0.80 in wg)High back pressure (up to approx. 290 Pa/1.16 in wg)
Our solutionAxiBlade complete systemAxiBlade complete system
The detailsStandard fan housingSpecial fan housing with integrated diffuser and
guide vanes. In combination with the guide vanes,
the diffuser integrated into the fan housing minimizes
the outflow turbulence. The dynamic losses
also impact the energy footprint.


If noise level is your major concern, we can reduce the sound pressure by up to 8 dB(A).

Air performance

Does AxiBlade tap all of its optimization potential?


For the new AxiBlade, the overall system consisting of an impeller, motor, housing and control electronics is taken into consideration. After all, turning the “familiar setscrews” is the only way to fully tap the potential of a fan. As the figure shows, today aerodynamics is practically the only area in which decisive improvements can be achieved. In the process, the exact installation situation and the application-specific operating points must be considered so the fans work with the best positive efficiency when they are in operation.

Modular design – the right solution for every pressure range.

With fans, different back pressures have to be taken into consideration depending on the application and installation conditions. There is no fan that will work with the same efficiency or noise level under all conditions; the search for an all-purpose unit will be futile. However, with their modular design, the AxiBlade axial fans are very flexible in this regard. Components can be combined depending on the pressure ranges required and the fans can be produced accordingly. For example, optimized Plug & Play system solutions are available for the conditions expected for an application.

Each detail counts

The complete modular system consists of fan housings in different heights with an aerodynamically optimized geometry and with or without an integrated diffuser. The pressure-raising effect of the diffuser minimizes the outlet losses. In addition, there are impellers with a profiled blade geometry and winglets that are harmonized with the respectively installed motor. This, too, increases efficiency and reduces noise. Users can have GreenTech EC motors with integrated control electronics or conventional AC motors installed as drives. And the guard grills, which are matched to the various combinations, are also aerodynamically optimized. Not only do they protect against accidental contact, but they also contribute to the high overall efficiency of the axial fans. In this fashion, the new axial fans can be optimally configured for a given application.

One benefit after the other.


Fan housing 


GreenTech EC motor 


Guide vanes  

Guard grill  

ebm-papst FanScout: click your way to the optimum AxiBlade.

Our axial fans can be configured individually for each application, and it is important to correctly consider all the relevant aspects when selecting your axial fan. When making your selection, you can rely on our experts’ many years of experience – and on our professional fan selection software as well. The ebm-papst FanScout has proven itself with its combination of user friendliness and real-world measured values. Not only is the performance of the individual fan components measured but also that of the fan as a complete system. The program allows you to quickly select the best fan for your application, to describe and modify the operating behavior and to document the technical specifications.

During this process, factors such as air performance, operating time and installation space can be taken into account. TÜV SÜD has tested the difference between the actual measurements and the data calculated using the software and assigned the accuracy of the calculation to the highest class.

Exact presentation of the life cycle costs:

The costs of everything from operation, procurement and installation to service can be calculated over a time period that can be individually defined. Practical: The software can be integrated into your device’s configuration program very easily, via DLL interface.

The best part:

ebm-papst will pre-select the products that are suitable for you. This saves you the trouble of searching through the broad product portfolio and helps you configure your application in advance.

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