iQC motors
Energy-saving motors for refrigeration market

iQC motors
exceptionally economical, energy efficient and durable

Designed specifically for tough environments, the iQC is a more efficient and durable version of the existing Q and iQ motors. Using GreenTech EC technology our successful iQ motor range is far more intelligent, ecological and energy-saving. With the iQC we have enhanced the existing advantages and reduced economic and environmental costs.

The advantages at a glance

  • More economical and significant environmental benefits
  • Direct one-to-one replacement with existing Q and shade-pole motors
  • IP65 certification design with dust proof design and able to withstand water jet cleaning
  • Long service life thanks to maintenance free bearing system
  • Intelligent electronics with speed control


The reverse on start automatically runs in reverse for a preprogrammed time on starting. An important function for refrigeration devices, as it blows the accumulated dust out of the heat exchanger of the condenser – thus ensuring constant high cooling capacity.


With reverse on demand it is possible to define the time and duration of reverse operation as required. This means that the evaporator defrost cycle can be used to remove dust from the heat exchanger of the condenser for example.


The particular feature of the two speeds is that it is supplied with two factory-programmed speed levels. This makes it possible to run the application in different day and night modes for even greater energy savings.

Composite impeller

  • Increase efficiency by up to 8% in comparison to the metal impellers
  • Reduce the noise up to 6dB(A) in comparison to the metal
  • Patented  aerodynamically optimized impeller design
  • Impeller is available in 4 sizes and matches perfectly with Q and iQC motors

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