Making Engineers Happy

Ventilation and drive technology that makes people happy:
intelligent and sustainable


Wondering why there are so many happy faces here? Because GreenIntelligence can help you gain a competitive advantage right away.

“GreenIntelligence” means that sustainability and digitalization go hand in hand at ebm‑papst. “Green” stands for green production, green products and sustainable use of resources. “Intelligence” standards for intelligently controlling and networking fans, drives and systems. This makes applications more powerful and processes more efficient.

We provide you with sustainable solutions and intelligent technologies that support you perfectly in all phases. Or in short: We make engineers happy!

Sustainable production, intelligent technology
– our GreenIntelligence promise.

GreenIntelligence stands for digital and sustainable solutions from ebm‑papst, whether that's for drive technology or ventilation technology. But what does that mean exactly? How do we make engineers happy? We get to the heart of it – watch the video now!

Towards a more sustainable future through digital technology

Our connectivity solutions for ventilation and drive technology offer almost limitless options for your applications: Together, we will develop the solution that sustainably lowers costs, saves energy and reduces emissions, whether that's demand-based operation, simple remote monitoring, or predictive maintenance. And, ultimately, this will make you and your customers happy.


At ebm‑papst, sustainability means: 

  • Improving the service life of products and systems
  • Reducing current consumption by up to 70 percent
  • Contributing to a lower CO2 footprint
  • Improving conditions in professional and private areas
  • Improving air quality
  • Saving time, money and work

At ebm‑papst, digitalization means: 

  • Intelligent networkable solutions
  • Acquiring and processing data with internal and external sensors and high-performance electronics
  • Transferring data, including interfaces, protocols, server and cloud connectivity
  • Analyzing data with our own software, algorithms, and product expertise
  • Continuously developing new technologies and solutions
  • Intuitive control using artificial intelligence and machine learning

"Digital products solve problems
that analog products can’t"

With its GreenIntelligence label, ebm-papst is setting an example in digitalization. Thomas Sauer, Group Director for Digitalization and Electronics, explains the idea behind it and what customers can expect.

We’ll be glad to make you happy too!

Martin Schulz
Head of Sales Germany
Phone +49 7938 81 222