GreenIntelligence in
Household Appliances.
Making Engineers Happy.

Household appliances: Intelligent thinking. Sustainable action.

Liam optimizes his applications and saves time and money in the process


What makes engineers of household appliance manufacturers happy? If they can make others – that is, the end consumers – happy. And these end consumers want household appliances that are as quiet as possible and have a top energy rating.

To achieve this, GreenIntelligence supplies them with extremely low-noise and energy-saving fan and drive solutions. Thanks to resource-efficient composite materials and sustainable production, they meet the strictest environmental specifications. In addition, their compact design makes them easy to integrate.

Take your applications to a whole new level with GreenIntelligence,and make yourself and your customers happy!


Our customers and their customers benefit from sustainable, energy-saving solutions – in keeping with our motto: Engineering a better life.

Not just in household appliances
GreenIntelligence makes a difference in every industry

GreenIntelligence uses the opportunities presented by digitization for sustainable, energy-saving and resource-efficient solutions – in household appliances and all other areas of ventilation and drive technology. Watch the video to find out what's behind GreenIntelligence from ebm‑papst and how you can reap maximum benefit from it.

Your needs – our solutions 

Household appliances have a diverse set of requirements:

  • Low current consumption as well as top energy label rating possible
  • Low noise emissions, even at high air performance
  • Easy installation in the application
  • Products trackable for optimized quality assurance
  • Compliance with specifications and guidelines, e.g. recyclability of materials

GreenIntelligence: Because consumers expect responsible solutions

  • Fans and drives with highly efficient GreenTech EC technology: infinitely variable speed control, adjustment of predefined operating states, status information
  • Efficient aerodynamics
  • Compact design with integrated electronics
  • Data matrix codes, barcodes
  • Resource-efficient composites, efficient production through Industry 4.0

Our highlights for household appliances


Intelligent drying – with infinitely variable speed control

  • Speed can be controlled for optimum drying cycles
  • GreenTech EC motor with improved efficiency
  • Communication via various interfaces possible


Intelligent communication – via simple standard interfaces

  • Infinitely variable speed control via PWM signal
  • GreenTech EC motor with improved efficiency
  • Communication via various interfaces possible


Intelligent savings – with efficient EC technology

  • GreenTech EC motor with improved efficiency and high speeds
  • Communication via various interfaces possible


Intelligent baking - with efficient EC motor technology 

  • GreenTech EC motor with improved efficiency
  • System data readout through various interfaces (f. e. ModBUS) possible

We’ll be glad to make you happy too!

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Head of Sales Germany
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"Digital products solve problems
that analog products can’t"

With its GreenIntelligence label, ebm-papst is setting an example in digitalization. Thomas Sauer, Group Director for Digitalization and Electronics, explains the idea behind it and what customers can expect.