Better air. Better life.
Creating a healthy environment for better comfort and productivity with indoor air quality.

The air is pure

Indoor air quality (IAQ) is a crucial factor in the health, well-being and productivity of people who spend time indoors – in their homes, at work, at school, at the supermarket or when visiting the doctor.
ebm‑papst is an expert in air quality and offers a wide range of solutions for increasing air quality, directly and indirectly. As a leading supplier in aerodynamics, ebm‑papst uses its expertise from a wide range of ventilation and air conditioning applications when approaching air quality.
Intelligent fans, integrated sensors and soft sensors also provide valuable data. The innovative approaches of ebm‑papst neo also offer specific products for controlling and optimizing air quality.

Treating air – with intelligent fans and smart software


ebm‑papst is making a multifaceted contribution towards improving air quality. See our range of services at three levels for yourself.


Fans from ebm‑papst move air. They are one of the central components in air conditioning, ventilation systems and air purifiers, i.e. applications that directly influence the exchange, temperature and humidity of air in rooms. Fans from ebm‑papst stand out for their maximum efficiency, incorporating EC motors that can be controlled in infinite steps across the entire speed range and enable demand-based control. In addition, the motors, which come with GreenIntelligence, provide precise information, e.g. about volume of air moved.


Sensors integrated into fans and external sensors from ebm‑papst and its partner RESET – the world's first sensor-based building standard for commercial buildings – record environmental data such as ambient temperature, motor/electronics temperature, humidity, air quality and vibrations. Fans from ebm‑papst also provide essential air quality data through soft sensors.


With the help of digital solutions, ebm‑papst offers OEMs, building operators and end users intelligent tools to improve air quality. ebm‑papst can provide an abundance of data relevant to IAQ via its cloud to manufacturers and operators. The ebm‑papst neo Building Connect platform processes and analyses data, and can be used to optimize the building control system. The platform plays an active role in monitoring indoor air quality and controlling it in an energy-efficient manner. Algorithms learn from user behavior, building characteristics and environmental conditions, and, with the help of energy-saving fans, help to create an optimized indoor eco-system.

Solutions for data-based buildings

Our cloud solution collects data from existing systems, analyses them, and derives actions from them that add value. Algorithms learn from user behavior, building characteristics and environmental conditions, which helps to create an optimized indoor eco-system.

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Climate-neutral district thanks to smart ventilation

Europe's first climate-neutral urban district is being built in Ludwigsburg. It is owned by the Maier family, who have made the most of what digital connectivity has to offer, in order to maximize the site’s sustainability credentials via the cloud.

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