Gas valves

The key element for the perfect combustion mixture

The energy yield during combustion is only perfect with the optimum mixture ratio of gas and air. In condensing units, the gas valve is a key component for combustion control. It provides exactly the gas quantity which the gas-air control system requires for efficient combustion and also ensures safe operation thanks to the controlled gas supply. 

The gas valve range from ebm‑papst covers a heat output range of 1.5 to 762 kilowatts and was specially designed for our system solutions in condensing technology. Regardless of whether the control system is pneumatic or electronic, it is crucial in both combustion systems that all components are carefully coordinated: Blower, venturi, burner control and, of course, the gas valve. 

Our gas valve range is suitable for the natural and liquid gases used in gas heating technology.

This also applies to hydrogen. All our gas valves are tested by the German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water (DVGW) for an admixture of 20 percent of the green energy source of the future. 

Two for the pneumatic composite system

Mechanical valves are used in our CleanEco pneumatic gas-air control system . The gas is drawn in by the vacuum generated by the gas blower in the venturi. To ensure that the gas valve supplies the exact fuel quantity, it can be adjusted using two adjusting screws: The offset (zero point shift) can be configured on the servo controller – pressure fluctuations in the supply network are compensated for in this way. The setting on the main flow regulator can be used to adjust the desired gas quantity to match the gas quality.

Gas valve D01_ebmpapst

The D01 valve is suitable for a very broad power range of 8 to 150 kW and features compact dimensions that enable space-saving boiler constructions. The E01 valve is even more compact for lower power classes. It is now available in two variants: for power ranges from 3 to 81 kW and now for 1.5 to 57 kW, with a higher dynamic stability. This means that the spectrum for smaller power ranges has once again been significantly refined.   

Gas valve E01_ebmpapst

The solution for an electronic gas-air control system

Gas sources drying up, fluctuating gas qualities and new fuels - the condensing units of the future have to react flexibly. With our CleanVario electronic gas-air control system, we offer a system that automatically adapts to the fuel, i.e. it is gas adaptive. Here, the mixing ratio is not controlled by the vacuum but by the electronic actuation of the gas valve. Instead of reacting passively, it actively controls the supply of the gas depending on the combustion quality.  

Gas valve F01_ebmpapst

With the F01 series, ebm‑papst offers the right electronic valves for all performance classes between 1.8 and 762 kW. They were specially developed for the electronic gas/air ratio control. Controlling the gas supply uses a stepper motor with integrated pressure regulator, which can precisely vary the flow rate and thus the amount of gas.

Gas valves for pneumatic and electronic gas-air control systems

Three valves with a whole host of benefits

  • Tried and tested in everyday operations for many years
  • Compact dimensions mean greater flexibility for manufacturers
  • Easy access to electrical connections and settings
  • Precise adjustment of the gas-air ratio using the offset and main flow throttle setting

  • Gas valve with one coil with coaxial double safety valve and a die-cast housing. This makes it even more compact and enables low electrical power consumption
  • Easy access to the connections
  • High offset accuracy and thus optimum compensation of pressure fluctuations in the supply network
  • NEW: Upgrade for even lower power ranges of 1.5-57 kW, with even higher dynamic stability

  • Electronic control system means that manual settings are no longer required
  • Patented solution comprising stepper motor and integrated pressure regulator
  • Optimized design enables fully automatic mounting
  • Very precise control in a power range of 1.8-762 kW
  • Modular design enables the valve to be optimally combined with other system components

You want to learn more?

For our products you can find here the most common data sheets for download.

It all depends on the combination

Which valve is best suited to which blower? Which venturi do I use? With our components, you can create a perfectly coordinated combustion system. These combinations are possible:

The CleanEco and CleanVario complete systems

Modern and efficient heating technology plays a crucial role in the energy revolution succeeding. With CleanEco and CleanVario, ebm-papst has two complete systems for combustion control in its portfolio which make an important contribution to a clean future. This not only benefits the environment, but also manufacturers, installers – and of course end users.