Heat pumps

Heat pumps absorb energy from their surroundings and then feed it into the heating or service water system.

Modern heating
with renewable energies

Today's heating systems demand concepts based on renewable energies. That is why heat pumps are becoming a key factor in sustainable heat generation. The demand is for efficient, quiet products that are suitable for indoor, outdoor or hybrid use, with performance adapted intelligently to actual conditions, and compatible with the use of natural refrigerants.


The advantages of fans from ebm‑papst in heat pumps:

  • Great efficiency thanks to EC technology and an integrated diffuser
  • Enhanced air performance with simultaneous noise reduction
  • Speed adjustment provides a high degree of flexibility
  • Perfectly coordinated individual components for easy plug & play
  • Compatible with flammable refrigerants


The latest generation of RadiCal EC centrifugal fans is more efficient, more powerful, and quieter than ever before – with the same compact installation dimensions.

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AxiBlade fan in housing, slight lateral view, with reflection


The new, revolutionary fan concept gets top marks for its efficiency and noise levels.

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Axialfan diffuser

Axial fans with integrated diffuser

Speed adjustment allows great flexibility, ensuring that your heat pump operates efficiently without disturbing anyone in the vicinity.

Switch for good: with flammable refrigerants.

The F-Gas Regulation, the legal framework for converting to natural refrigerants with low global warming potential (GWP), has been in force since 2015. Challenge accepted: Our products already meet all the requirements.

Fans for air/water heat pumps

Fans for air/water heat pumps

Demand for air/water heat pumps is rising; with output from 3 to 30 kW, they are a useful solution for single- and multi-family homes.

Modern EC fans play an important role in ensuring that such systems run very efficiently and economically.

Using subsidies to heat more efficiently

Using subsidies to heat more efficiently

We show which heating concepts are particularly environmentally friendly, how system components from ebm‑papst support climate protection, and which funding program is worthwhile for which solution.

The hybrid heat pump from Dutch company Itho Daalderop

The hybrid heat pump from Dutch company Itho Daalderop

In the winter you want your home to be warm and cozy. The hybrid heat pump from Dutch company Itho Daalderop provides pleasant heat, even in sub-zero temperatures. And it works with any gas boiler.

Heat pumps play an every greater role

Heat pumps play an every greater role

Renewable energies instead of fossil fuels — this is the future for home heating as in other areas. 

Heat pumps play an every greater role here. However, they vary greatly in output, installation effort and costs.

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