Energy-efficient fans
for refrigeration technology

Cool technology from the leading experts enabling efficient air circulation

With its wide range of products, ebm-papst offers the ideal solution for every performance range and every refrigeration application. For many years now, our axial and centrifugal fans have been setting new efficiency and reliability standards thanks to the seamless interaction between our motor technology, aerodynamics and electronics.

Our products’ outstanding energy efficiency brings enormous cost savings, especially in refrigeration technology, considering that numerous fans are used in cooling applications and often work around the clock. Further savings can be made by using intelligent control and monitoring functions that ebm-papst supplies along with the system upon request.

That’s why there’s no alternative for cool computers. For the environment as well.


Refrigeration technology fans
for industry and commerce

Fans used in commercial refrigeration applications need to be robust and reliable to ensure a consistent cooling capacity when being operated continuously. If the system is located near a residential area, it is also important to keep noise levels low. And, of course, the fans need to be as energy-efficient as possible. ebm-papst fans fulfill all of these requirements perfectly.


In the adiabatic cooling process, water is sprayed in front of the heat exchanger to cool the air flow as a means of boosting heat exchanger output.


In refrigerating plants, evaporators absorb heat from the cold store, evaporating the refrigerant in the process.


In a condenser, the heat transported in the refrigerant is transferred to the ambient air.


Condensing units provide liquefied refrigerant or cooled water for cooling.


Refrigeration technology fans
for retailers

Fans commonly found in refrigeration display cases still use shaded-pole motors. GreenTech EC motors have a high efficiency level of over 70 % and only require around a tenth of the power consumption. This also makes our fans and drives cost-effective in retrofits, as the investment pays for itself in no time at all.

bottle cooler

Drinks machines keep beverages cool to quench your thirst They require reliable, energy-saving fans.


Refrigeration and freezer units keep food fresh 24 hours a day. That's why they need to be fail-safe and energy-efficient.


Refrigeration technology fans
for process cooling

Many industrial production processes require stable temperatures, another area where energy-efficient fans from ebm-papst are used. They can be perfectly adapted to special conditions, for example if there is dirt, heat or vibration. ebm-papst even offers fans with special protection for areas subject to explosion hazards.


Explosion-proof GreenTech EC fans with integrated electronics are highly efficient in hazardous zones.


A cooling tower extracts heat from heated cooling water. This is then used in industrial processes or to cool data centers, for example.


Process refrigerating plants are in high demand in industry, for example to cool substances, machines or systems.

Chilled selection

Up to 43 percent less energy consumption per year thanks to AxiBlade EC axial fans.