Yaskawa Europe GmbH / VIPA CPU

Automation solutions and control technology

Yaskawa Europe GmbH is a specialist in automation solutions and control technology. With its VIPA CPU system solutions, Yaskawa offers the right automation platform for all control requirements.

From the SLIO system, the highly compact distributed system, to the modular 100V and 200V systems, to the 300S/500S high-speed control system, all systems can be combined with one another, and can be programmed using Siemens STEP®7 and/or the VIPA proprietary programming tool WinPLC7. The 100V, 200V and 300S systems can be deployed as centralized or distributed control solutions.

The 300S VIPA CPU system is of the same design as the Siemens S7-300®, making it suitable for universal use. It allows combined operation of VIPA CPUs and components from other manufacturers. Despite its compact design, the system can be used in almost any application thanks to its very high performance and scalable memory (up to 8 MB, depending on CPU type).

The CP-040 communications processor in the SLIO system and the CP240 in the 200V system are both ideally suited for integrating ebm-papst GreenTech EC fans into external control systems. The MODBUS-RTU protocol is used as the transfer protocol. In the 200V system, transfer is routed via the integrated RS485 interface (model number CPU 214SER). In the SLIO system it is routed via the optional RS485 module (article number VIPA CP-040-1CA00).

The “Approved Controller” label gives you the assurance that you are using tried and tested control technology in combination with the GreenTech EC fans.

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