Central ventilation units

Entire buildings can be efficiently ventilated using warm exhaust air.

The key to a pleasant atmosphere

Central ventilation units are often used in new buildings to effectively and reliably regulate the humidity and temperature of the air even with highly energy-efficient insulation. One centrifugal fan conveys the supply air and one conveys the exhaust air via a heat exchanger, which preheats the cold outside air using the warm, stale exhaust air. This means that the intake air is at a pleasant temperature when supplied to the rooms.


The advantages of fans from ebm-papst in central ventilation units:

  • Enhanced air performance
  • Greater impeller efficiency
  • Substantial noise reduction
  • Operation with constant air flow


The latest generation of RadiCal EC centrifugal fans is more efficient, more powerful, and quieter than ever before – with the same compact installation dimensions.

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RadiCal Spiralgehäuse

RadiCal in scroll housing

Smart solution. Ready-to-install centrifugal fan with integrated volume flow control for domestic ventilation.

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Centrifugal blowers

Low noise levels and a relatively low air flow with a high static pressure increase and a space-saving design. 

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The intelligent "heart" of domestic ventilation

In order for domestic ventilation to be effective and efficient, you have to be able to precisely regulate the air flow. This stops there being over and underpressure in residential buildings.

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