Planetary gears

Unique and durable


Whenever high power densities are required, the extensive range of planetary gears from ebm-papst featuring three powerful series offers the ideal solution. All three strong product series impress with their extremely smooth operation, which is achieved thanks to extremely robust, sometimes straight and sometimes helical planetary gears made of high-strength plastic or steel.


  • Comprehensive portfolio with three product ranges
  • NoiselessPlus – unrivaled smooth operation
  • Performax® – extremely high performance
  • Performax® Plus - extremely high performance

Planetary gears

  • Optimax – robust and durable
  • No offset
  • Higher first and second stage reduction ratios

Planetary gears

  • Extremely smooth operation
  • Outstanding performance
  • Compact design

Current series and their strengths


Unrivaled smooth operation

ebm-papst - NoiselessPlus - planetary gear

When it comes to achieving high efficiency with minimal noise, the NoiselessPlus is the impressive, obvious choice. Its exemplary smooth operation is achieved thanks to extremely sturdy, helical planetary wheels made of high-strength plastic.


Extreme performance

ebm-papst - Performax - planetary gear

Performax® is an innovative and high-performing patent-registered planetary gear concept. With their future-proof design, Performax® gears impress with excellent power density, outstandingly smooth operation, and unique reduction ranges. 


Extreme performance

ebm-papst - Performax Plus - planetary gear

Performax®Plus delivers smooth operation and high performance. Helical planetary gear wheels made of high-strength plastic ensure outstandingly smooth operation in the first stage. The combination with a hardened ring gear in the output stage means that high outputs can be achieved.  


Robust and durable

ebm-papst - Optimax - planetary gear

Optimax offers maximum robustness at the highest power density. Straight-toothed planetary gear wheels made of high-strength steel in the first and second gear stage allow high peak loads and also ensure that the gear has a long life. If there are increased noise requirements, high-strength plastic planetary wheels can be implemented in the input stage as an option.

Industrial drive technology

Whatever the combination – you win!

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