BCU 900
Optimal burner control for commercial technology

Flexible and user-friendly

We provide the perfect electronics for power regulation, ignition and to check that the condensing unit is functioning correctly. This is combined with an intuitive user  interface so that you can conveniently control the temperature of the room and hot water.

All the advantages at a glance

Our product range, which consists oftried-and-tested hardware and software, facilitates reliable operating characteristics and short development cycles. The flexible software architecture allows simple integration of the interface. It is also important – as with our blowers – that as little energy as possible is consumed. Suitable for commercial boilers up to 2 MW

  • Configurable input/output functions
  • Easy external interfacing via OpenTherm, AL-BUS or 0-10V

  • Primary safeguard functions
  • Additional safety and smart control functions

Read all the details:
The new condensing technology catalog

Brochure - Condensing boiler technology - ebm-papst

Catalog with technical details about the product:

  • Characteristic curve map
  • Dimensions
  • Performance data

RemoteVision App

The intelligent RemoteVision app enables simple remote control and diagnostics for control systems from ebm-papst. For devices with a standard platform 900 control system

  • Management of several systems
  • Status information and changes to (parameter) settings
  • Different user levels available

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The heating Dutchman

When Ton van Maaren started working at Remeha almost 33 years ago, condensing units were still in their infancy. Now they’ll soon be able to call a service technician themselves via the Internet when they need help. The new Quinta ACE condensing boiler is prepared to do that.