Hybrid systems (gas condensing/heat pump)

The best of both worlds Hybrid systems allow you to make highly efficient use of two different energy sources

The best of both worlds:

Hybrid systems are playing an increasingly important role in conserving fossil fuels. When a gas condensing unit and an electrical heat pump are combined, the latter provides the base load of the heating. When external temperatures are low and the heat output is insufficient, then the gas condensing unit provides support. Our components, such as gas blowers or EC fans, help to increase efficiency for both devices. This is why hybrid systems also achieve a very high ErP energy efficiency label.

The advantages of products from ebm-papst in hybrid systems:

  • Solutions from a single supplier
  • High efficiency
  • Compact design
  • Easy integration
  • Reduced noise emissions

Perfectly matched system components

Hybrid systems consisting of a gas condensing unit and a heat pump are particularly useful if the gas power is required in booster mode (water heating) or at very low outside temperatures. Learn more about how hybrid systems work in our digital application.  


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