Recently, ebm‑papst received a thank-you letter from HBTempCon, a subsidiary of Haier Biomedical.


In the letter, HBTempCon Aviation Technology expressed gratitude for the successful maiden flight of the actively controlled aviation temperature-controlled container RKN, equipped with ebm‑papst's fans, on September 17, 2022. The RKN container was transported on China Southern Airlines CZ463 flight from Shanghai Pudong Airport to Frankfurt, Germany. On the occasion of the first anniversary of this maiden flight, RKN has officially entered the mass production stage, prompting sincere thanks to its supplier partners.


In recent years, the global demand for high-value temperature-sensitive goods has rapidly increased, and temperature-controlled containers, as crucial equipment for their transportation, have vast market potential. These containers are applied in international aviation cold chain logistics, safeguarding the transportation of high-value temperature-sensitive goods such as biopharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, and precision electronics that require strict and precise temperature control. Due to the direct impact of temperature control on the quality and safety of the carried goods, the market has stringent requirements for the performance of such products, including temperature uniformity, precise temperature control, and component waterproofing.


The ebm‑papst series of fans, as the driving unit of the RKN temperature-controlled container refrigeration system, enables precise control, ensuring automatic temperature adjustment and a significant improvement in temperature uniformity. In August 2023, HBTempCon Aviation Technology obtained the first domestic certificate for actively controlled temperature-controlled containers ("Container, Net, and Container [Container]") (CTSO-C90e), achieving the localization and industrialization of such equipment. The cooperation with ebm‑papst will also enter a new phase.


"LOCAL for LOCAL" has always been the philosophy followed by ebm‑papst. Providing sustainable, digital, and innovative solutions for local customers quickly and agilely has been our consistent practice. From CO2 incubators to aviation temperature-controlled containers, ebm‑papst, together with Haier Biomedical, has been at the forefront of the road to innovative technology.