On June 8th, "Xi'an Economic and Technological Development Zone to Build a World-class Industrial Innovation and Development Zone Conference" was held in Kaiyuan Grand Theater. Xi'an Economic Development Zone was officially established on June 8th of 1993. Over the past 30 years, many outstanding enterprises have been set up and grown here.

During this conference, the “Overall Plan for Building a World-class Industrial Innovation and Development Zone in Xi 'an Economic Development Zone” was published, and by this chance, 30 individuals who contributed significantly to its development were awarded. Thomas Nürnberger, Group CSO and CEO Air Technology APAC, Middle East & Africa of ebm‑papst was honored with the "Outstanding Contributor" Award. 

The connection between Thomas Nürnberger and China can trace back to 2006. Since then, he had long time working experience in Xi’an, Shenzhen and Shanghai. He knows that Xi’an was an ancient city, but it’s innovating to become more and more energic. Meanwhile, enterprises can benefit a lot, especially in terms of logistics and talent development advantages from its geographic location and the gathering of so many famous universities. Therefore when ebm‑papst decided to build a second plant in China, Xi’an ranked as the top 1 option in Thomas Nürnberger’s mind.

Now, ebm‑papst China has two plants located in Shanghai and Xi'an. Both plants are playing important roles given their specific positioning, assignments as well as geographic advantages. Our Xi’an plant started production in 2019 with an area of over 34,000 square meters. The plant is operating with comprehensive functions including production, R&D and logistics etc. The production lines were relocated from Germany, Hungry and Shanghai to further focus on the growing demands from the local markets and customers. ebm‑papst is planning to extend Xi'an plant in 2024.


As a witness and participant, ebm‑papst China developed together with the Economic Development Zone. This time, the "Outstanding Contributor" award is not only a recognition to Thomas Nürnberger’s achievements and contributions but also a recognition of all the efforts made by ebm‑papst China and its employees.

Looking into the future, ebm‑papst China will further assist the Economic Development Zone develop into a World-class Industrial Innovation and Development Zone". We also trust relying on the support and platform provided by the Economic Development Zone, ebm‑papst China will realize the development with even higher quality.